Country: Iran

The Brave Iranian Women are in the front line of the struggle against misogynic mullahs regime. 

“We must speak out for them.”

In Iran, for over 40 years the Islamic Republic Government has continuously executed widespread tactical and systematic human rights violations both inside and outside of the country.

The people of Iran specially the women, children, workers, teachers, students, LGBs, and sexual, ethnic and religious minorities, as well as the Muslims are not immune from the suppression, crimes, and the human rights violations of the regime.

Soon after the widespread protests started in Iran, The supreme leader ayatollah Khamenei ordered the security forces to use any measure and open fire on the people protesting, in order to silence them, as he called them “thugs” and accused them of being influenced by foreign interests.

The government of Iran is killing it’s women and the children, just because they are chanting for political, economic, and social reforms.

The right to protest is protected under human right laws and the people of Iran should be free to practice their rights.

Instead they are being persecuted, detained, prosecuted, assaulted, targeted, and killed. By their own government, at the hands of the country’s supreme leader ayatollah Khamenei.

ICHR Strongly demands that the government of Iran and ayatollah Khamenei the great dictator to be held accountable for their killings and crimes against humanity. As we call on the international community to strongly condemns the killings of protesters in Iran and the use of violence against them, specially the women and children.