Country: Iran

ICHR strongly condemns the arrest of prominent Retired human rights lawyer Giti Pourfazel, the government of Iran must free her immediately and unconditionally.

She is one of the signatories of the letter of 14 women calling for the resignation of Khamenei and transition from the Islamic Republic regime. Giti is the seventh signatory of this letter that has been arrested by the security forces in the past two weeks.

Iran’s National Front announced that Giti Pourfazel disappeared five days ago, and her husband and family are unaware of her whereabouts.

In recent months, several letters have been sent to the leader of the Islamic Republic calling for his resignation, the transition from the Islamic Republic regime, and changing the constitution. Each letter has been signed by a different group of 14 activists.

The provincial intelligence department in Mashhad in north-eastern Iran says 14 activists who had called on Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to resign are advocates of regime change and wanted to bring about insecurity.

According to the latest report from Mashhad, 12 of the 14 political activists who demanded Khamenei’s resignation in July have been arrested.

However, the intelligence official who spoke on behalf of his department in Mashad told news agency ISNA on Thursday August 22 that the detentions have nothing to do with the letter they wrote to Khamenei asking him to step down.

This is another lie from the authorities to cover up their crimes against civilians and whom ever that speaks up.

Khamenei has said in the past that people are free to criticize him but those who do so usually face arrest and unlawful prosecution.

ICHR strongly calls on the dictator Khamenei to stop violating the rights of women and the rights of all civilians in the country. ICHR also strongly condemns him for lying, unlawfully arresting and prosecuting the people whom criticize him and the state for their human rights violations.