Country: Iran


Today on May 30 ICHRCANADA celebrates Nasrin Sotoudeh’s 55 birthday, by standing in solidarity with her, and will continue to fight for Nasrin’s immediate and unconditional release.

Nasrin Sotoudeh is a human rights lawyer whom has courageously stand up for rights and raised her voice in solidarity with political, conscious, and civil rights prisoners.

Today she is celebrating her birthday in prison away from her family, no mother deserves that yet a mother whom has dedicated her life to defending children, women, rights, and has always strongly stand up for freedom expression ( my body my choice, no to forced hijob), as well as opposing death penalty.

ICHRCANADA, and People worldwide have been raising their voice for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s unconditional release, and we will not stop until she is free.

The Government of Iran must hear the people’s voice’s and release Nasrin immediately and unconditionally.