ICHR strongly calls on the governments worldwide to make the digital landscape an space of freedom, truth, and information. 


Freedomof the media is essential. Journalism enriches our understanding of political and economic issues, and helps keep governance at every level transparent and accountable.

Every attack against journalists is a blow to democracy, and the basic rights of all individuals.

When press freedoms, & media workers, are attacked with impunity, a clear sign is sent. 

That the search for thruth, the right to information, and the fundamental freedom

to express oneselfe are NOT protected by the AUTHORITIES.

World press day Is an opportunity to commit to actions that can promote more journalism, and more transparency for our societies. 

The freedom of the press in Many countries under the sovereignty of their states politics are meaningless. The crackdown on journalists are to the extreme and they are imprisonment if they don’t write within the framework of their state system. 

ICHR also urges the UN to come together to do everything we can to ensure that the women, and men of media are able to do their valuable work without attacks.