Country: Iran


International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) stands in solidarity with the workers, and urges the Iranian government to release the prisoners of labor and civil rights defenders immediately and unconditionally. The Iranian government must stop its repressive behavior. 

Reports from Tehran indicate the arrest of numerous labor activists on International Labor Day in front of Parliament in Tehran on Wednesday.

According to several workers’ organizations, those arrested are Reza Shahabi, Hassan Saeedi, Vahid Fereidouni, Mohammad Ali Aslaghi, Rasul Taleb Moghaddam, Asadollah Soleimani, Naser Moharamzadeh and Ms. Shiri, members of the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran Bus Company. 

A rally in front of the parliament was held with the call of independent labor organizations. The crowds included a slogan: “Worker-Teacher-Student-Alliance Union”, “Our pain is yours, People join us” and “Expensive – Inflation, People’s Dilemma”.

The Syndicate of Workers at the Sugar Craft Company has noted that a number of students and other labor and trade union activists have also been arrested. According to their report, assailants gathered were beaten up by security and law enforcement officers.

Also the Labor movement at Abou Riyhan Street at Labbafinejad intersection was raided by the authorities today. They where arrested bitten, and harassed. 

The regime’s attack on the people’s labour movement is yet another indication of human rights violations by the government of Iran. The government of Iran must stop their crackdowns on the protesters, and abide by the international human rights law.