Country: Iran


Iran must stop taking unlawful actions towards political prisoners including religious minorities, and their families. If Sadeghi’s family loses their Tehran home they will have to live in the streets. 

The family of two political prisoners Hassan Sadeghi and Fatemeh Mosanna is facing homelessness. The government has given their son Iman notice that all their properties is being confiscated. Which is their home in Kashan that is already confiscated, their store in Tehran that is their only source of income, and if they lose it they lose their income, as well as their home in Tehran that their son is currently resining there, and if they lose it they have nowhere else to live but the streets. 

“Since getting the confiscation notice we’ve all been extremely stressed out, and all I can think about is what to do for my sister and grandmother (who are also living in Tehran house.”said Iman Sadeghi. 

Hassan Sadeghi and his wife Fatemeh Mosanna have been serving 15-year prison sentences after being arrested in January 2013, and the government has confiscated all of the couple’s properties. 

According to the regulations for the implementation of Article 11 of Iran’s Constitution the domestic properties of Iranian expatriates with proven ties to anti-state groups are subject to confiscation. The regulations add that their heirs in Iran can claim these properties “only if they do not have proven ties” with anti-state groups. Article 19 of the same regulations are that the court “should ensure that dependent family members are provided adequate means to live.”

Government confiscation of properties belonging to political prisoners including religious minorities is not uncommon in Iran.

ICHR Calls on the government of Iran to halt the confiscation of their properties and to stop all the arrests, prosecutions, torture & ill-treatments of all political, Conscience, human rights defenders, lawyers, and labour rights activists prisoners.