Country: Syria

Crisis Are Entering 9th Year For Syrian Refugees

ICHR calls for sustained and large-scale support to vulnerable Syrian refugees as the crisis are not overcome.

The crisis are entering its ninth year, and the humanitarian needs of help inside Syria remains at record levels with 11.7 million people in need of humanitarian aid and protection. 6.2 million people are internally displaced and more than 2 million boys and girls are out of school in Syria. An estimated 83 percent of Syrians live below the poverty line, and people are increasingly vulnerable due to the loss or lack of sustained livelihoods.

Immediate substantial injection of funds are needed for food, water, health care, shelter and protection services.

It is vital that the international community remains by the side of every woman, man, girl and boy in Syria who need our help to meet the very basic requirements of a dignified life.

At this point the Syrian refugee are the largest refugee crisis in the world. There are over 5.6 million Syrian refugees and up to 3.9 million impacted members of host communities in the neighbouring countries.