Country: Iran

Atena Daemi is being denied for MRI ( Media )
ICHR Canada strongly calls on Iran’s authorities to give Atena access to her much needed MRI exam. As well as to stop all harsh treatments including denial of medical care for the prisoners, which mostly Iran’s government uses these threats of withholding medical care as an intimidation tool to get a forced Confession.

Atena Daemi born 1988 in Fuman is a civil rights activist, children’s rights activist, human rights activist and political prisoner in Iran. Daemi was arrested on 21 October 2014, and sentenced as of 21 May 2015 to a fourteen-year prison sentence for meeting the families of political prisoners, criticizing the Islamic Republic of Iran on Facebook, and condemning Iran’s 1988 mass executions of political prisoners.

She is currently being denied medical treatment despite possibly suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS). For a long time, Atena has been having headaches and numbness in her right eye. Initially, in Evin Prison, she was checked several times by the doctor assigned to the prison clinic who told her she could have MS.

After her transfer to Gharchak [prison near the city of Varamin], the prison doctor there also said she probably does have MS therefore the doctor ordered another MRI, since it’s possible that it wasn’t detected in the early stages. But so far she has been denied her right to go to hospital for MRI.

Even after Atena and Golrokh [Iraee Ebrahimi] both were transferred back to Evin, still the same story, she is not allowed to see specialist, and do her MRI, when in additional to her current medical condition she is also suffering from high blood pressure, kidney stones and gallbladder problems. But still despite all this and all the request from her parents, lawyer, the world, and the human rights activists the Iran’s government has denied Atena any medical attention.

The health status of all women in Evin Prison is not appropriate, Most are in pain in the areas of Knee, waist and neck, and it’s not clear exactly why. Also because of the extremely unhealthy water of the prison, most prisoners have kidney stones. For a long time, they have been deprived of warm water, and are constantly using cold water for bath and washing which causes all above mentioned problems.