The International Center for Human Rights: The Senate of Canada unanimously passed a motion calling for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s immediate and unconditional release yesterday December 4, on the same day that Nasrin Sotoudeh broke her hunger strike after 49 days.

The Honourable Linda Frum brought this motion to the Senate. She had asked the Senate on November 22 to unite their voices collectively to call for the immediate and unconditional release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and all of Iran’s unlawfully held political prisoners.”

Also, on November 8 on the 21st day Nasrin Sotoudeh’s hunger strike, Prof. Irwin Cotler urged the House of Commons to stand with her and people of Iran. “It is our responsibility to stand with the people of Iran, to champion their case and cause, to let them know that the world is watching, that they are not alone, that we stand in solidarity with them, and that their just struggle for human rights and human dignity will prevail,” said Prof. Cotler is his statement to House of Common.

“Canadian officials are now taking an unanimous step in supporting human rights in Iran. We welcome this great work and expect the conservative government to support human rights organizations, freeze Iranian state assets in Canada, and allow more refugees to get settled in Canada,” said Ardeshir Zarezadeh, the president of the Toronto-Based International Center for Human Rights. “Iranian people are fighting for freedom and democracy against a brutal regime and need the international community to stand with them.”

Nasrin Sotoudeh was one of the recipients of 2011 prestigious human rights award from The International Center for Human Rights (ICHR).

ICHR works closely with Iranian activist to promote human rights and democratic values to secure a peaceful society.


The transcript of the motion unanimously passed in the Senate of Canada on December 4, 2012:


Prof. Cotler’s House Statement: