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The International Center for Human Rights sent a letter to the Honorable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety of Canada, in regard to celebrating Ayatollah' Khomeini's life and deef in Toronto and requested government's action. ICHR believes that this event is against the criminal code of Canada and organizers are promoting hate speech.

 The International Center for Human Rights in Canada (ICHR) has been informed of the arrest of Canadian resident and film-maker, Mr. Mosatafa Azizi in Iran, and urges the Iranian authorities to release Mostafa Azizi immediately and unconditionally. 

The International Center for Human Rights - ICHR (December 19, 2014): The U.N. General Assembly approved resolutions criticizing the human rights violations in Iran, Syria and North Korea on Thursday December 18. The ICHR is extremely pleased by the adoption of these important human rights resolutions on Iran and Syria as well as North Korea.