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On Saturday afternoon at Toronto's Dundas Square, the International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) held a gathering to protest against Saeed Malekpour's execution sentence. Activists and supporters of the Canadian resident braved the cold to draw attention to the horrific reality that Saeed may be executed any day without ever being granted a fair trial for the bogus internet-related charges laid against him. Event organizers also passed around an Amnesty International petition that urges Iranian authorities to halt Saeed's imminent execution. 

Additionally, some activists in Los Angeles have announced on Facebook that they will be holding a rally in solidarity with Saeed Malekpour on Monday.

Last week on Sunday, supporters of Saeed and Amnesty International held a rally in Montreal. The positive response that the Montreal protest received has inspired other cities to also taken quick action for Saeed.


Saeed Malekpour’s life has been in danger of execution again since earlier in the month when his lawyer's appeal was rejected and his death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court of Iran.

Saeed Malekpour has been held in the notorious Evin prison for more than three years. He was arrested in October 2008 upon a visit to Iran and has since then endured more than one year in solitary confinement and much brutal physical and psychological torture. In 2008, interrogators of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) extracted more than 30 hours of false confessions from Saeed. These false confessions were used as evidence to issue Saeed's death sentence.

Last week, the IRGC interrogators attempted to extract more false confessions from Saeed, however he refused to cooperate this time.

People like Saeed, who have never received fair treatment by the Iranian Judiciary, risk execution because they are being used as scapegoats to fulfill the oppressive regime’s shameful crusade against humanity.

So far Foreign Affairs Britain and the U.S. Department of State have released official statements expressing concern regarding Saeed's imminent execution sentence. In Canada, Hon. Irwin Cotler from the Liberty and the Inter-Parliamentary Group for Human Rights in Iran have taken strong steps of support for Saeed Malekpour and human rights in Iran. Foreign Affairs Canada did and the Prime Minister have not released any official statements regarding Saeed's death sentence confirmation.

ICHR is planning for another protest in Ottawa, in front of Iran Embassy.



The International Center for Human Rights: On Sunday, Van, Turkey experienced a devastating earthquake. The 7.2-magnitude quake killed more than 400 people and left thousands homeless because the houses and buildings in this region were built with poor quality material. Now, the drinking water is reportedly contaminated as well.

Hundreds of our Iranian compatriots, from students to journalists to human rights activists, are stuck in Van, after they had fled Iran. Many of them are now without shelter and they are unable to financially support themselves. They need our help right away, before it is too late. These are the compatriots who have risked their lives and their freedom for Iran, for the people. We need to stand tall with them and show our support in this time of need.

If you have a PayPal account or credit card, you may help out by making a financial contribution of your desired amount. Your contributions should be sent through an NGO or a trusted direct source. The International Center for Human Rights in Iran, an NGO based out of Toronto, Canada, is collecting contributions for the asylum-seekers in Van. You can make your contribution at links below:  and


If you don not have a credit card or PayPal account, please write a check payable to “The International Center for Human Rights” and return it to the address: 298 Sheppard Ave W, North York, ON M2N 1N5


You will also able to wire your desired donation amount to our Bank account at TD Canada Trust. Account number is 531-5244501.


هموطن عزیز!

زلزله در شهر وان ترکیه، پس لرزه های آن و سرمای شدید زمستان نزدیک 500 تن از پناهجویان ایرانی را در معرض آسیب های جدی قرار داده است و آنها نیاز به کمک فوری دارند. علارغم نیازی فوری متاسفانه برای امداد و کمک رسانی هنوز اقدام قابل توجهی انجام نشده است.

برای کمک رسانی به آنها، "مرکز بین المللی حقوق بشر" واقع در کانادا با کمک دفتر برون مرزی کمیته دانشجویی دفاع از زندانیان سیاسی در اقدامی هماهنگ به جمع آوری کمک مالی و غیر مادی دست زده اند.


برای کمک با کارت اعتباری از طریق سایت نیز و یا سایت مرکز


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Name: The International Center for Human Rights

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Name: The International Center for Human Rights

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Account number is 531-5244501.


لطفا برای همیاری و کمک مالی به اطلاعاتی که در بالا آمد مراجعه کنید. دانشجویان، روزنامه نگاران و فعالان حقوق بشر ایرانی که مدتها در ایران در سلول های انفرادی شکنجه شده بودند، اینک در زندان دیگری جانشان به مخاطره افتاده، به کمک ما نیاز دارند.

مرکز بین المللی حقوق بشر در ایران





The International Center for Human Rights in Iran (ICHR): June 24, 2011 - On Friday early evening more than one hundred concerned citizens, students, and activists gathered in Toronto's Dundas Square to support 18 political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran's Evin and Rajai Shahr prisons. The event also focused on the overall human rights violations committed by the Iranian government in the past two years. The energized event was hosted by the United Student Front in Canada, the International Center for Human Rights in Iran, the Iranian Human Rights Society at York University, the Iranian Student Association at Ryerson University, Human Rights for Iran at Ryerson University, and various students and human rights activists.

The hunger strike action of the Iranian political prisoners was initially launched to protest against the deaths of Haleh Sahabi and Hoda Saber, two activists reportedly killed by Iranian authorities. Haleh Sahabi was murdered on June 1st at her father’s funeral after a raid by security forces. Hoda Saber died in Evin prison on June 12th from an alleged heart attack, ten days into his hunger strike to protest Haleh Sahabi's death. According to reports, prison authorities had delayed his transfer to hospital and badly beat him while he was on hunger strike.

People walking at the busy square were seen talking to the activists about the hunger striking prisoners and inquiring on how they can help. Organizers also spread the word on the human rights abuses in Iran by distributing information sheets to people. Others held posters of the prisoners on hunger strike and of young Iranians killed in post-election Iran. The participants, who were mainly Iranians, engaged the crowd by singing two national and revolutionary songs together. Tourists passing by also got the opportunity to observe an organized flash mob. Participants in the flash mob covered a large area of Dundas Square and froze in position with their hands in the air giving the V sign for victory. Members of the media were also present to capture the artistic show and the protesters in action.

Near the end of the event, Hassan Zarezadeh-Ardeshir, the executive director of the International Center for Human Rights (ICHR) thanked the crowd for participating in the event and announced a solidarity hunger strike to take place on Sunday evening in Toronto at Queen's Park. Participants plan to abstain from eating for an indefinite time to draw attention to the grave human rights situation in Iran, particularly for the prisoners on hunger strike. Zarezadeh explained, "The solidarity hunger strike is a drastic action we are taking so we may get the message across to Canadian officials that they should urgently support the 18 political prisoners on hunger strike in Iran before it is too late. With every day that passes by, we get closer to their potential deaths."